Our Services

The services provided by our physical therapy center are divided into two basic categories. Both these categories have been designed to provide complete body treatment to a patient. Whether it is a newborn baby or an elderly we make sure that we offer you the best physical treatment service in the entire country.

Here are the two sections of the services we provide at Howell Physical Therapy Center

Physical Therapy Services
Wellness Services

Massage Therapy 30 Or 60 Minute Massages

Ergonomic Consultation: For The Workplace Or For The Home

Fitness Evaluation

Stress Reduction Skill Training

Lymphedema Treatment And Management -Early Stages And Post-Surgery Prevention


Come work with us

The assisting nursing staff Howell Physical Therapy Center is highly trained in the specialization of outpatient physical therapy. To apply for a job at Howell Physical Therapy Center one must first learn how to become a CNA, complete your CNA coursework online (or in classroom), and receive certification and licensure by the Texas Board of Nursing. All our senior physical therapists hold their Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) degree from an accredited university.

For more information on a career at Howell Physical Therapy Center, please contact us or visit our Houston, TX center personally.


So the next time you are looking for a complete physical therapy session in Houston then do get in touch with us!